3 Things to boost your luck in lottery

3 Things to boost your luck in lottery

Somewhere, somehow most of us would believe that lottery is completely dependent on luck and if a person is not lucky, he should not be playing lotteries.

This is true to some extent as some luck is required while playing a lottery, but to some extent it also requires an application of Maths, probability to be exact. A successful lottery winner would apply his analytical mind to select a number rather than only depending on luck. Confused! Let's explain this with a small story from the past.

There was a guy named Sam who once went on to play the game 'Toss of Coin' with $10 in his pocket. The game rules stated that a player can bet either on a head or a tail and if Head appears on the toss of the coin and the player had betted on Heads, the player would win the amount he had betted else he would lose. Sam started betting initially with 25 cents on the first toss and lost the initial toss.

Toss of Coin' has 50/50 odds, because of his strategy, whenever he wins he always covers the losses and is left in profit. In case of successive wins, his profit is more. In the end of the game Sam ended up making good amount of money as profits.

Luck favors the prepared mind.

Louis Pasteur

The rules that favor the player here:

  • A player is free to select his own numbers.
  • The player can bet any amount of his choice.
  • He can quit the game at any point of time

Also if you buy the old lottery tickets and observe the winning numbers, you would observe that each lottery would follow a pattern and the winning numbers which appeared yesterday would not appear today. Once you understand a pattern, you have a better chance of winning.

At we would identify these patterns for you. We take out the historical winning numbers data for various lotteries, analyze the winning numbers and write computer programs to come up with the pattern followed in the winning numbers of each lottery. We do this for various lotteries separately as each lottery has a different pattern to decipher.

Let's try to use the rules which are in our favor rather than only depending on luck as it is rightly said 'Luck also favors the Prepared Mind'.

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Strategic Victory

On the evening of October 3, 2023, in Mississippi's Cash 4 draw, I made a strategic decision that changed the game. I used the Lottery Corner's Pick 4 Zonal Coverage System and went for a straight play. The outcome was nothing short of thrilling, as it led to a victorious moment I won't soon forget!

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Consecutive Victories!

I'm James, and I had an incredible experience using Lottery Corner's MAGIC8_WEEKLY system. On both October 12 and October 13, 2023, I played straight in Tennessee-Cash 3 Midday, and I won back-to-back! The double victories were twice the excitement and twice the fun. Thanks to Lottery Corner, I'm a firm believer in their lottery system. It really works!

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