Tri-State Megabucks Plus

Maine Tri-State Megabucks Plus Draw results- Wed, Feb 28, 2024

Mega Ball
$13.60 Million

Next Maine Tri-State Megabucks Plus Draw on- Sat, Mar-02-2024, 07:59 PM

Next JackPot:
$13.75 Million

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Tri-State Megabucks Plus Frequency Chart

We have compiled a frequency chart that shows how many times the numbers were picked in the Powerball game. Through our system, you will learn to find the patterns, which will increase your odds of winning.

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Tri-State Megabucks Plus Prize Matrix

Winning the Tri-State Megabucks Plus takes more than just luck. You need to have the right tools and knowledge to increase your chances of getting the jackpot. Below are the details of what you can win in Tri-State Megabucks Plus

Prize TierPrize WonOdds of Winning
Match 5 + MegaballJackpot (starts at $1 million*)1 in 4,496,388
Match 5$30,0001 in 899,278
Match 4 + Megaball$1,3001 in 24,980
Match 4$1501 in 4,996
Match 3 + Megaball$251 in 714
Match 3$71 in 143
Match 2 + Megaball$51 in 63
Match 2$21 in 13
Match 1 + Megaball$21 in 15

Facts of Maine - Tri-State Megabucks Plus Lottery

☆ Do you know that odds of winning the jackpot, which starts at $1 million and rolls over if there areIno winners, are 1 in 4,496,388.

☆ Do you know that In addition to the jackpot, there are four other prize levels players can win, ranging from $2 to $30,000.

☆ Do you know that f more than one person wins the jackpot, the prize is divided equally among the winners.
Maine Lottery Image
The Megabucks Plus is a multi-state lottery game that is offered in Maine,Inew Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

☆ Do you know that Players choose sixInumbers from 1 to 41 to play the game.

☆ Do you know that minimum wager for Megabucks Plus is $2 per play.

☆ Do you know that Players can also choose to add the Megaplier feature to their ticket for an additional $1 per play. This feature can multiplyInon-jackpot winnings by up to five times.

☆ Do you know that The drawings for Megabucks Plus are held twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday.

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