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We have compiled a frequency chart that shows how many times the numbers were picked in the Powerball game. Through our system, you will learn to find the patterns, which will increase your odds of winning.

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Win For Life Prize Matrix

Winning the Win For Life takes more than just luck. You need to have the right tools and knowledge to increase your chances of getting the jackpot. Below are the details of what you can win in Win For Life

All 4 numbers in the win for life set$1,000 a week for life1 in 1,353,275
All 4 numbers in either of the 2 $50,000 sets$50,0001 in 676,638
All 4 numbers n any one of the 4 $20,000 sets$20,0001 in 338,319
All 4 numbers in any one of the 8 $10,000 sets$10,0001 in 169,159
3 numbers in any set$251 in 309
2 numbers in any set$21 in 6
No numbers on a ticket$31 in 26

Facts of Oregon - Win For Life Lottery

☆ Do you know that Robin Riedel won $1,000 check each week for the rest of his life by playing Win for Life on May 11th 2023 drawing who purchased his ticket from Woodburn Liquor Store.

☆ Do you know that Zane Collins won $1,000 a week for life top prize not once, but twice by playing Win for Life on August 3rd 2021 .

☆ Do you know that Collins' double victory makes him the 47th victory for Life top prize winner for the Oregon Lottery since the game's inception in February 2001.

Oregon Lottery Image
Do you know that the Oregon "Win for Life" was a draw game where players had the chance to win a top prize of $1,000 per week for the rest of their lives. The game had a unique prize structure that made it stand out from traditional jackpot-based lotteries.

☆ Do you know that to play "Win for Life," players would typically select four numbers from a field of numbers. The specific range of numbers and gameplay rules may have changed,so it's important to check the official Oregon Lottery website for the most up-to-date information.

☆ Do you know that winners of the top prize had two options for receiving their winnings. They could choose the annuity option, which provided weekly payments for life, or they could opt for the lump-sum option, where they received a one-time cash payment equivalent to the present value of the future annuity payments.

☆ Do you know that the "Win for Life" prize was subject to federal and state taxes. It's important for winners to consult with financial advisors or tax professionals to understand the tax implications and make informed decisions.

☆ Do you know In addition to the top prize, the "Win for Life" game usually offered other prize tiers for matching some or all of the numbers drawn. The prize amounts and odds of winning varied based on the specific numbers matched and the total number of winners in each prize tier.

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