A Massachusets lottery player wins a $4M prize with a $10 instant ticket!

A Massachusets lottery player wins a $4M prize with a $10 instant ticket!

Alejandra Maria Arroyave Hurtado of Revere is celebrating after winning an astounding $4 million reward in the Massachusetts State Lottery's thrilling "$4,000,000 Mayhem" $10 quick ticket game.

Hurtado chose a one-time payment of $2,600,000 and expressed her delight about using her newfound money for an upcoming vacation.

The winning ticket was bought at the Elias Food Market, situated at 4 Park Ave. in Revere. As a result of this major win, the retailer will get $40,000 for its involvement in selling the winning ticket.

The exciting opportunities provided by the variety of instant ticket games offered by the Massachusetts State Lottery are demonstrated by Hurtado's extraordinary achievement. With life changing prizes up for grabs, players like Hurtado can fulfill their ambitions and embark on exciting new experiences.

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