Illinois Lottery Player Wins $1.2M on Lucky Day Lotto

Illinois Lottery Player Wins $1.2M on Lucky Day Lotto

This Halloween season, it seems someone in Illinois may be giving out full-size candy bars for trick-or-treaters. The reason, A very fortunate Illinois Lottery player has clinched an astonishing $1.2 million jackpot in the Friday, October 27 midday drawing.

The golden ticket that led to this life-changing win was purchased at the Jewel Osco store located at 2940 N. Ashland Avenue in Chicago. It turned out to be not just a ticket but a ticket to prosperity, matching all five numbers drawn during the Friday midday drawing, ultimately landing the coveted $1.2 million jackpot prize.

The winning numbers that transformed an ordinary day into a remarkable one were: 14-15-24-25-34.

While this win is undoubtedly a game-changer for the lucky individual who holds the winning ticket, it's also a substantial victory for the retailer that sold the golden ticket. Illinois Lottery rules dictate that stores selling tickets with jackpot-winning combinations are rewarded with a bonus equal to one percent of the prize amount.

In the case of Jewel on Ashland, this equates to a remarkable $12,000 bonus. A win for the player and a win for the retailer ? truly a moment of celebration! For more latest do visit Lottery Corner.

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