New Jersey claims the first Mega Millions jackpot of 2024!

New Jersey claims the first Mega Millions jackpot of 2024!

In a monumental win, the Mega Millions jackpot has found its first victor of 2024! A fortunate ticket-holder in New Jersey emerged victorious in Tuesday night's drawing, matching all six numbers drawn the white balls 7, 11, 22, 29, and 38, along with the gold Mega Ball 4. This extraordinary win rewards the lucky player with an estimated prize of $1.13 billion ($537.5 million cash), marking it as the fifth largest jackpot in the history of the game.

The excitement surrounding this monumental win is further heightened by the anticipation of determining the official jackpot amount. As jackpots are always based on actual sales, the final jackpot figure will be determined after sales from all 47 participating jurisdictions are finalized on Wednesday morning.

Georgia Lottery President and CEO Gretchen Corbin, lead director of the Mega Millions Consortium, extended heartfelt congratulations to the New Jersey Lottery for selling the jackpot-winning ticket. The entire Mega Millions community celebrates this historic win, recognizing the incredible impact it has on both the fortunate winner and the numerous prizes won by players across the nation during this exhilarating jackpot run.

As the curtain falls on the first Mega Millions jackpot victory of 2024, the triumph of the New Jersey ticket-holder stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities offered by the Mega Millions game. With fortunes waiting to be claimed, players nationwide are invited to join the excitement and seize their chance at jackpot glory in future drawings.

Congratulations to the lucky winner from New Jersey, and to all players who participated in the thrilling journey towards this remarkable jackpot win. Let the celebration begin as we herald in a new era of Mega Millions success!

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