NJ Lottery's Winning Wednesdays Offer Second Chance with Straight Back Bonus!

NJ Lottery's Winning Wednesdays Offer Second Chance with Straight Back Bonus!

TRENTON (Jan. 16, 2024) -The excitement continues with the New Jersey Lottery's Winning Wednesdays promotion. On Wednesday 3 of this month, players have a second chance to win with the Straight Back Bonus on all straight-bet Pick-3 tickets for the evening drawing on Wednesday, January 17.

How to Play Pick 3

Purchase a Pick-3 ticket with a STRAIGHT bet type for the EVENING drawing on January 17th. If your Pick-3 numbers match the Lottery drawn numbers in reverse order ? "Straight Back" ? you win a $100 Bonus Prize. The $100 Bonus Prize applies to every $0.50 Straight portion of a winning wager.

Eligible Straight Wagers Include:


Straight/Box 3

Straight/Box 6

Wheel 3

Wheel 6


If your Pick-3 numbers are 1-2-3 and the drawn numbers are 3-2-1, you win $100 with the Straight Back Bonus


Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to win additional prizes and make your Wednesday evening even more memorable! For more details and to play, visit Lottery Corner.

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Strategic Victory

On the evening of October 3, 2023, in Mississippi's Cash 4 draw, I made a strategic decision that changed the game. I used the Lottery Corner's Pick 4 Zonal Coverage System and went for a straight play. The outcome was nothing short of thrilling, as it led to a victorious moment I won't soon forget!

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Consecutive Victories!

I'm James, and I had an incredible experience using Lottery Corner's MAGIC8_WEEKLY system. On both October 12 and October 13, 2023, I played straight in Tennessee-Cash 3 Midday, and I won back-to-back! The double victories were twice the excitement and twice the fun. Thanks to Lottery Corner, I'm a firm believer in their lottery system. It really works!

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