Who's the next winner of mega million Jackpot?

Who's the next winner of mega million Jackpot?

Who's the next winner of mega-million Jackpot?

Fri, June 12, 2020, Winning Numbers

Ball 9-14-57-67-70-2Mega millions

Megaplier-3 X

$20 Million Jackpot

Tuesday, June 16, 2020, will be the next Powerball draw. Around 11:00 pm EST is taking place in the competition. The next Jackpot is estimated at $22 million and therefore, you get the cash option of $17.2 million.

For further details and analysis, such as frequency chart, hot and cold numbers, please visit Mega million page. You can select your numbers for the next Powerball game with this analysis. Using the study of the last results, you will be able to use our smart picks and propose the best combinations of hot-, cold and overdue numbers.

Here you can see our smart picks that you can gain more in mega millions.

Frequency Chart Mega Millions :

We have compiled a frequency chart showing how often the number in the Mega Millions game can be selected. You'll learn how to find the patterns through our system, which will increase your winning chances.

A past mega-million winner:

Date: September 09, 2020.

Numbers winning: 1-5-9-10-23-22 Mega Million

Megaplier-2 X

$410 Million Jackpot.

It takes more than luck to win Mega Millions. It would help if you had the right tools and knowledge to increase your odds of the Jackpot. Below are the details of what Mega Millions can win.


Prize Tier

Odds of Winning

Prize Amount

Match 5 + Mega Ball

1 in 302,575,350


Match 5

1 in 12,607,306


Match 4 + Mega Ball

1 in 931,001


Match 4

1 in 38,792


Match 3 + Mega Ball

1 in 14,547


Match 3

1 in 606


Match 2 + Mega Ball

1 in 693


Match 1 + Mega Ball

1 in 89


Match 0 + Mega Ball

1 in 37




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