Tampa Resident's $1 Million Win in $1,000,000 A YEAR FOR LIFE SPECTACULAR Scratch-Off Game Makes Him a Millionaire

Tampa Resident's $1 Million Win in $1,000,000 A YEAR FOR LIFE SPECTACULAR Scratch-Off Game Makes Him a Millionaire

Tampa, FL - Kiet Tran, a 53-year-old resident of Tampa, is celebrating a life-changing moment after claiming a staggering $1 million prize from the thrilling $1,000,000 A YEAR FOR LIFE SPECTACULAR Scratch-Off game, courtesy of the Florida Lottery.

In a surprising turn of events, Tran opted to receive his newfound wealth as a single lump-sum payment, totaling a substantial $640,000.00.

The golden ticket that changed Tran's life forever was purchased at Active Food Mart, a local gem located at 1401 West Waters Avenue in Tampa. As a token of appreciation for selling this monumental Scratch-Off ticket, the retailer will be awarded a bonus commission of $2,000.

Tran's extraordinary win is a testament to the exhilarating possibilities that await lottery enthusiasts across Florida. With each Scratch-Off ticket, the chance for life-altering riches is only a scratch away, turning dreams into reality for fortunate winners like Kiet Tran.

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