The Pick-6 Jackpot Jumps to an Incredible $24 Million Prize!

The Pick-6 Jackpot Jumps to an Incredible $24 Million Prize!

The Pick-6 jackpot in New Jersey has soared to a staggering $24.2 million, the highest since August 2023. New Jersey Lottery Executive Director James A. Carey emphasizes the unique opportunity for Garden State players to win big with Pick-6. With the next drawing on Leap Day, February 29, Carey encourages responsible play, highlighting that one ticket is all it takes for a chance at this massive prize.

New Jersey is buzzing with excitement as the Pick-6 jackpot reaches an impressive $24.2 million, marking the highest jackpot since August 2023. James A. Carey, the Executive Director of the New Jersey Lottery, is keen on reminding players in the Garden State about the incredible chance Pick-6 presents for winning a substantial prize.

The last time Pick-6 was hit was on September 11, 2023, with a jackpot of $2.7 million. Carey encourages players to approach lottery play as a form of entertainment while emphasizing the importance of responsible gaming.

As the anticipation builds, did you know that the next Pick-6 drawing coincides with Leap Day on Thursday, February 29? This adds a unique touch to the upcoming drawing, as historically, since the Pick-6 drawing started being held twice a week in 1986, there have only been three drawings held on Leap Day. The upcoming drawing on February 29 will be the fourth in the history of Pick-6.

Carey reiterates that participating in the Pick-6 drawing on Leap Day is a golden opportunity for players to try their luck. The game has consistently offered the most substantial jackpots exclusively for Garden State players. With a jackpot of $24.2 million up for grabs, Carey emphasizes that a single ticket is all it takes to enter the game and stand a chance to win.

In the spirit of excitement and potential wins, Carey encourages players to engage responsibly. While the allure of a massive jackpot is undeniable, it's crucial for players to approach lottery play with a sense of enjoyment and within their means.

Don't miss the chance to be part of Pick-6 history! Get your tickets now for the upcoming drawing on Leap Day, Thursday, February 29. With a jackpot soaring to $24.2 million, it's a unique opportunity for Garden State players. Remember, responsible play enhances the enjoyment of the game. Visit Lottery Corner to learn more and secure your Pick-6 ticket today!

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