Benson Resident Wins $100,000 Prize Playing NC Lottery Scratch off

Benson Resident Wins $100,000 Prize Playing NC Lottery Scratch off

In a stroke of fortune, Brenda Harvey, a resident of Benson, North Carolina, recently experienced a life-changing win worth $100,000. Harveys winning moment came from a spontaneous decision to try her luck with a $50 scratch off ticket, which turned out to be a wise investment.

The lucky ticket, a $10 Million Spectacular scratch off, was purchased from the esteemed Don Lees Grocery And Grill, nestled along NC 50 in Willow Spring. Little did Harvey know that this simple purchase would lead to a life altering windfall.

Filled with excitement and anticipation, Harvey wasted no time in claiming her prize. Venturing to the lottery headquarters, she eagerly awaited her moment to collect her winnings. Following the necessary federal and state tax withholdings, Harvey walked away with a substantial sum of $71,514, a testament to her stroke of luck.

Harveys remarkable win serves as a reminder of the thrilling possibilities that await lottery enthusiasts across North Carolina. Whether it is a spontaneous decision or a carefully chosen ticket, the NC Lottery offers opportunities for dreams to come true.

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