Carletonville is a millionaire lottery player, and the mega-winner of April is still unknown

Carletonville is a millionaire lottery player, and the mega-winner of April is still unknown

Carletonville is a millionaire lottery player, and the mega-winner of April is still unknown.

R10 was spent on a?lotto?ticket by a resident of a mining city in Gauteng ? and he got rich.

The Ithuba national lottery operator says Lotto has paid R8,129,457.60 (R8 m) to one winner from Saturday, June 6, 2012.

"We are here hopeful that winner will get in getting touch shortly be in contact with us. We encourage everyone who has recently visited Bargain House Driefontein, especially those from the Carletonville region, to check their tickets.

The first step, once the winner is here, is to validate the winner's ticket for free trauma advice and financial advice, such as all the winners of the R50,000 or higher.

Our primary focus is helping the winning person digest the news so that they can take full advantage of this life-changing victory, "said the Ithuba CEO Busisiwe Msizi.

Ithuba said a few players had visited its offices countrywide to claim their profits since the lockdown restrictions were clear-headed on June 1. At the May 16 lottery draw, the biggest claim to date was R16.8 m.

Tickets have been purchase from Bargain House Driefontein, Center East Driefontein, East Park Crescent, Carletonville, Gauteng.

The expiry tickets between March 27 and June 1 are acceptable for claims until the end of October. Tickets expire during the lockdown no expiring ticket player should be anxious to lose their profits."

Ithuba said the winner of a vast R135 m with a ticket bought on April 28, is still awaiting the winner of this year's?PowerBall Jackpot.

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