A Texarkana man�won $100,000 with an Arkansas lottery ticket

A Texarkana man�won $100,000 with an Arkansas lottery ticket

James Clayton's $5 lottery ticket turned into a $100,000 jackpot win in Texarkana, Texas. Dive into his exciting story of luck and success!

James Clayton, a Texarkana, Texas resident, had a stroke of luck when he decided to buy a $5 lottery ticket. Little did he know, this simple decision would lead to a huge $100,000 win. James bought his ticket at E-Z Mart #4365 on State Line Ave. in Arkansas, hoping for a small prize but ended up with something much bigger.

Scratching off the ticket, James couldn't believe his eyes when he saw that he had won the $100,000 jackpot. Excited and in disbelief, he asked a store clerk to verify his win, and sure enough, it was true. James rushed home to share the incredible news with his wife, feeling overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

Sharing the news with his wife, James felt grateful for their newfound financial security and the opportunities that lay ahead. Reflecting on the unexpected turn of events, James couldn't believe his luck and felt excited about what the future held.

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