A Ypsilanti woman wins a $100,000 Michigan Lottery Powerball prize!

A Ypsilanti woman wins a $100,000 Michigan Lottery Powerball prize!

In an exciting lottery outcome, Audrey Fines, a 41-year-old from Ypsilanti, Michigan, secured a $100,000 prize in the Powerball drawing. Her winning moment came from the March 6 drawing where she matched four white balls and the Powerball - numbers 06-19-28-44-60, PB: 10. Initially, her prize was $50,000, but with the Power Play multiplier, her winnings soared to $100,000.

Fines, who generally uses her lottery account for scanning instant tickets, decided on a whim to buy some lottery tickets while online. This spur-of-the-moment decision led to an exhilarating discovery. "I logged into my Michigan Lottery account one morning, and when I saw a $100,000 prize pending, my heart started pounding, and adrenaline was pumping," Fines shared.

Upon realizing her win, Fines hurried to inform her mother, saying, "I don?t want to give you a heart attack, but I think I?m having a heart attack myself because I just won $100,000!"

Having claimed her prize at the Lottery headquarters, Fines has outlined plans for her winnings. She aims to tackle bills, indulge in a vacation, and save the remaining amount, paving the way for financial stability for herself and her family.

Fines? victory not only marks a significant personal achievement but also sheds light on the potential rewards of lottery participation, encouraging others to explore their chances. Her experience underscores the joy and financial liberation achievable through the lottery.

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