Tickets sold in New Jersey are $10 million Mega Millions. worth $110K together

Tickets sold in New Jersey are $10 million Mega Millions. worth $110K together

?Ten third-premium tickets were selling at New Jersey, officials said, for Tuesday's massive $410 million Mega Millions jackpot.

Winning numbers on Tuesday were: 1, five, nine, ten, and 23. The drawing was 22 Mega Ball.

The winner spent an extra $1 for the Megaplier option, says the New Jersey Lottery, and one is valuable at $20,000. Nine tickets valued $10,000. Every ten lucky ticket from New Jersey matched four numbers plus the Mega Ball.

At the following locations the third prize New Jersey tickets were purchased:

  • Warwick Turnpike Utopia Deli ($20,000) in the West Milford.
  • ShopRite at Livingston South Avenue
  • Godwin Avenue in Midland Park Kings Food Markets
  • Union Avenue in Irvington P & P Tobacco & Stationary.
  • Food Mart on Trenton 's Liberty Street
  • Deli Park on Highland Park's Raritan Avenue
  • Main Street, Manasquan 7-Eleven
  • Hamilton section, Mercer County, Acme on South Broad Street
  • Route 70 west of Tobacco Mart at Cherry Hill
  • Wawa at Toms River Hooper Avenue.

The $410 million jackpot ticket in Arizona was bringing. The Jackpot of Friday has rebounded to $20 million.

Tickets for Mega Millions cost $2 each and must be purchase by 10:45 pm in New Jersey. The drawing at night. The chances of a ticket with five numbers and Mega Ball to the Jackpot are 302,575,350 or 1. Players have one shot in 12,607,306 to earn at least one million dollars in the second prize with five numbers.

The date for expiry of all claims after Mar 19 was further extending for 30 days after the official opening. A ticket purchased on Mar 31 2019, for example, would usually expire one year later, on 31 M?rz 2020. The claim in this example will expire only on Jun 29, 2020, because of the extension. Then, the expiry date may be extending to winning tickets.

The office in Lawrence for New Jersey Lottery remains closed on account of COVID-19 and does not accept a walk-in claim. You can still claim your income in person from any retailer if it is less than $599.50.

The Lottery also accepts postal claims, although payments warned by officials could be a delay for a while. It is advising that winners make a copy of the claim form and the winning ticket.

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How to complete your Mega Millions game?

  1. It costs $2.00 for every Mega Millions play.
  2. Pick the number of 5(5) from 1-70 to 1(1) mega ball from 1-25.
  3. When the Lottery Computer selects your numbers randomly, ask the Retailer for a Quick Pick. Or mark the Quick Pick (QP) circle if you have a play slip.
  1. Choose how you pay if you win ? Annuity or Cash (the value of the advertised Jackpot is estimation a lump sum). It applies to both the Mega Millions and the Jackpot.
  1. Megaplier (optional): Mark Yes to add Megaplier to increase your non-jackpot award for an additional $1 per play.
  2. Multi-draw(optional): mark the number of drawings you want, if more than one, to play equal numbers for up to eight consecutive drawings. It applies to both the Mega Millions and the Jackpot.
  3. Just Jackpot: every jackpot ticket has two Quick Pick games, which can win only $3.00 in the Jackpot. Please indicate the number of tickets you wish to buy.
  1. Give your Retailer a play slip. Every sale is final.

See the?Mega Millions of Game Rules?for more information.

Like with all tickets for the Lottery, the barcode of the ticket should not be damaged. If it is not possible to scale a winning ticket, an unreadable barcode could delay the payout.

Previous winners

Jun 05, 2020

32 35 37 47 55 22- Mega Ball

Megaplier - 3 X

Jackpot: $378 Million

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