The NJ Lottery has introduced improved Pick 6 game with Double Play option

The NJ Lottery has introduced improved Pick 6 game with Double Play option

The new changes to New Jersey's original Big Jackpot Game will provide players better odds for just $2.

The new game will feature a prize multiplier on all tickets, increasing non-jackpot prizes up to 10 times.

A new Pick 6 game will provide better odds with a decrease in the matrix from the current 1-49 pool of numbers to 1-46 resulting in improved overall chances of winning.

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With the price increase of the new Pick 6 game, you'll be able to play the game for less money.

Players can enjoy the chance of Double Play which is a great new feature for just $1 more per game that gives players the chance to win even bigger prize.

Other big prizes in a special drawing immediately after the normal Pick 6 drawing using the same numbers and multiplier from their Pick 6 ticket.

Double Play, a game feature that gives players the opportunity for an additional chance to win a separate set of prizes from a separate Prize Pool.

For an additional $1.00, the Lottery draws a second set of numbers, giving the player a second chance of winning with the same numbers played in the base Pick-6 Lotto Play for a separate set of prizes.

Double Play Jackpot Prize – the fixed prize amount of two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) for a matching all six (6) double play number selected between 1 and 46 of the Matrix.

When a group of jackpot winners is determined, a pari-mutuel playout shall be made.


The Double Play option may be purchased for an additional $1.00, per play, or multiples thereof in the case of a Multi-Draw Wager, at the discretion of the Purchaser. The Double Play feature may not be cancelled once purchased. 

The Pick-6 XTRA Multiplier affects Double Play Prize Levels two (2) through four (4). The Pick-6 XTRA Multiplier feature does not affect Double Play Prize Level 1 (Jackpot Prize).

Double Play Drawings:

Double Play Winning Numbers are drawn from the same Matrix used for each Pick-6 Lotto Drawing.

The Double Play is a unique event in Pick-6 Lotto. It occurs after each Pick-6 Lotto drawing and it pays

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