Powerball results for Wed-July22-2020, did anyone win the $106 million Powerball jackpot?

Powerball results for Wed-July22-2020, did anyone win the $106 million Powerball jackpot?


Date: Wed, Jul 22, 2020

Winning Numbers: 16-25-36-44-55-14-Power Ball


Jackpot: $106 Million


On Wednesday-July 22nd-2020, none matched the Powerball number of the winning jackpot, thus increasing the next $117 million to $94.9 million. Next draw: Sat, Jul 25-2020, 22:59 PM

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Previous Winners:

Date: Jul 18, 2020            

Winning Numbers: 13-16-32-58-59-9-Power Ball


Jackpot: $97 Million


What was the latest ticket sold for Powerball?

The winning jackpot Florida ticket was bought on Bonita Beach Road in Bonita Springs at a 7-Eleven level. According to the Powerball website, it ended up at $396.9 Million, up from $394 million before the event.

Why did the jackpot come down with Powerball?

The lottery officials say the change is a result of current COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a drop in sales, which is reducing the Powerball's jackpot from $40 million to $20 million. After the current jackpot of $160 million, the multi state lottery association announced the change will take effect. 

Do fast picks win the lottery anytime?

If there was a clearly defined way to better win the lottery, all would do that. There has been a mistake. When you strictly compare the numbers, quicker pickers win lottery jackpots rather than self-pickers. Around 70% of lottery winners use Quick pick for their numbers according to an article in the NY Times.


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