Turn Wednesdays into Winsday with Colorado Lottery's

Turn Wednesdays into Winsday with Colorado Lottery's

Looking for a midweek boost of excitement and a chance to multiply your winning potential? Look no further! The Colorado Lottery has just the thing to transform your Wednesdays into Winsdays. Get ready to elevate your lottery experience and elevate your chances of success with the enticing "Winning Wednesdays" promotion.

How Does It Work?

It's simple: on the first Wednesday of every month, the Colorado Lottery invites you to join in on the Winning Wednesdays fun! All you need to do is purchase $12 or more of Colorado Lotto+ on a single ticket at any participating Colorado Lottery retailer. Whether you choose to play with or without Plus, the choice is yours. As a reward for your participation, you'll receive a second ticket worth $2 absolutely free.

A Midweek Boost of Winning Potential

During the months of June, July, and August 2023, the Winning Wednesday Promotion coincides with the State Fair Concert Ticket Voucher Promotion. On these particular Wednesdays, players making a purchase of Colorado Lotto+ worth $12 to $29 on a single ticket will receive the Winning Wednesday Free Ticket. For those who invest $30 or more in Colorado Lotto+ on a single ticket on Winning Wednesdays, a State Fair Voucher will be their reward.

The Winning Wednesday Promotion typically takes place on the first Wednesday of each month, offering you a consistent way to add some extra excitement to your week.

Please note that any free tickets or vouchers received are meant for promotional purposes only and cannot be returned or exchanged and Courier services are excluded from this offer.

Ready to dive into Winning Wednesdays? For additional details about this exciting promotion and the Colorado Lottery, visit Colorado Lottery.

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