How to Pick Your Winning Lottery Numbers

How to Pick Your Winning Lottery Numbers

Before we start, we should make it very clear that you will not somehow magically be able to pick out guaranteed winning lottery numbers by reading this article. If there were a sure-fire strategy to do that, we would all be millionaires. But this guide might help you figure out new ways of selecting those all-important numbers.

All kinds of betting need tips in this way. If you were using a sportsbook like Mybookie to place sports bets, you would want some kind of information to help you with your selections. We are doing exactly the same thing but concentrating on our favorite subject - lotteries - instead.

Not Just Birthdays

It is very common for players to select numbers that mean something to them when it comes to lotteries. That feeling of having a special number is just about universal but many people go one step further and choose numbers that correspond with family birthdays.

We wouldn't say that you should not use this method for selecting lottery numbers. But we would gently remind you that birth dates will only ever go as high as 31. Just about every lottery ticket has more numbers to choose from, so just make sure that you are picking some higher numbers to go along with your mom's birthday.

Choose the Least Called Numbers

With any lottery, players are able to check the archives to see which numbers have been called in the past. This is important, as it is very unlikely for a lottery to throw up the same set of winning numbers more than once. But knowing what the least called numbers could boost your winnings too.

If you are picking a least called number - and it ends up as part of a jackpot-winning selection - it is likely that other players will not have chosen that particular number. With many lotteries, the winning jackpot is split if there is more than one winner. We don't want to sound too greedy here, but if we win a jackpot, we want it all.

Be as Random as Possible

Scientists will tell you that selecting a set of numbers that is completely random is impossible. There is always some reason for the numbers or patterns selected. But for the purpose of this piece of advice, we are talking about picking your numbers without thinking about it.

As much as we might like to think that we have a foolproof strategy to win a lottery, the reality is that the numbers come out in a random fashion. So, if the lottery itself is random, why not completely embrace that way of doing things? Don?t think about it - just pick whatever seems right.

Use Quick Picks

Most lotteries allow customers to let the machine pick the numbers for them and this could be the best way to go completely random. There will be no more anxious nights trying to nail down the best combination of numbers to win yourself a lottery jackpot. Just sit back and let the machine do all the work.

There is a way of thinking that suggests that as the machine's selection will be random, no one else will have those numbers and you can win the jackpot all for yourself. That probably isn?t the case. But we think that this is the best way to get the most random selection. Good luck remembering them when the results are called out though!

Lucky Numbers

We mentioned earlier that many people like to include friends and family members birthdays when it comes to picking lottery numbers. Many of these will have become lucky for the person picking - and we see nothing wrong with giving this way of selecting a try.

Numbers can become lucky for a variety of reasons. Birthdays are popular but so are player jersey numbers and other sentimental reasons. Chinese culture has many forms of lucky numbers that are routinely used in all kinds of gambling. So, if you believe a number is lucky for you, go ahead a pick it.

Using lucky numbers is as good a way as any

Make a Pattern

All lottery tickets look just about the same. They are made up of rows of numbers. The amount of rows depends on the range for that particular lottery. Usually, you will not take any notice of what your ticket looks like before it goes into the machine. But what if you get a little creative?

Why not add a bit of artistic flair to your selection? You could pick the numbers that make a circle on your ticket ? or even a love heart. It won?t make any difference to your chances of winning the jackpot. But it can be oddly satisfying and might put a smile on the face of the clerk serving you.

It's All Down to Luck

So, now you have a variety of different ways of picking the numbers that could make you a very rich person. But - and we cannot stress this enough - there really isn't any guaranteed way of selecting winning lottery numbers. In a way, it doesn't matter what you do before the ticket goes into the machine.

But where is the fun in that? Even the people who swear that they have a winning strategy, don't actually think it will always work. So, just select your numbers in any way that you want to and don't listen to other people trying to make out that their method is better. We all have the same chance of winning the lottery - as long as we buy a ticket.

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