FL Lottery Makes History as Record-Breaking $1.6 B Mega Millions Jackpot is Claimed!

FL Lottery Makes History as Record-Breaking $1.6 B Mega Millions Jackpot is Claimed!

In an unprecedented turn of events, Saltines Holdings, LLC has officially claimed the monumental MEGA MILLIONS jackpot of $1.6 billion from the drawing held on August 8, 2023. The Florida Lottery is delighted to announce this historic win, marking a momentous occasion in the lottery's history.

One-Time Payout of $794,248,882.00: A Life-Changing Decision!

Opting for financial flexibility, the lucky winner chose to receive the massive winnings as a one-time, lump-sum payment of $794,248,882.00. This substantial sum is set to bring significant changes and opportunities to Saltines Holdings, LLC.

A Series of 32 Rollovers: Capturing National Attention!

The journey to this extraordinary win involved a series of 32 rollovers, spanning from April to August. This captivating storyline not only captured the attention of the nation but also contributed a staggering $73.4 million to further education in the state of Florida. The impact of this jackpot goes beyond the individual winner, leaving a positive mark on education and the community.

The winning MEGA MILLIONS Quick Pick ticket, which matched all five of the white ball numbers and the Mega Ball number, was purchased from Publix at 630 Atlantic Boulevard in Neptune Beach. As a token of appreciation, Publix, the fortunate retailer, will receive a well-deserved $100,000 bonus commission for being the source of this historic win.

The Florida Lottery extends its heartfelt congratulations to Saltines Holdings, LLC, for this remarkable win. The impact of this MEGA MILLIONS jackpot reaches far and wide, creating a celebration of fortunes and contributing to the educational landscape of Florida.

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